The Voice of America began during the World WarⅡ. When Germany was broadcasting a radio program to get international 1, American officials believed they should 2 the German broadcast with words that they thought were the facts of world events. The first VOA news report began with words in 3 . “The 4 may be good or bad, but we shall tell you the truth.” Within a week, other VOA 5 were broadcasting in Italian, French and English.

After the World WarⅡended in 1945, some Americans felt VOA’s 6 had to be changed, 7 the Soviet Union became enemy of AmericA.They wanted to 8 Soviet listeners. Then VOA began broadcasting in Russian.

In the early years VOA began adding something new to its broadcast that was 9 “ Music USA”. Another new idea came along in 1959.VOA knew that many listeners did not know 10 English to completely understand its 11 English broadcast. So VOA 12 a simpler kind of English, 13 uses about 1,500 words and is spoken 14 of course, it is special English.

In the 15 of most VOA listeners, the most 16 program is the news report. News from around the world 17 into the VOA news rooms in Washington 24 hours a day. It comes from VOA reporters in 18 cities and also from other 19 like BBC.VOA writers and editors use these materials to 20 news reports, which are being broadcast in 43 languages.

1. B.culture D.information

2. A.reply B.answer C.join D.interrupt

3. A.same B.short C.English D.German

4. B.problems C.effects D.opinions

5. A.stations C.announcers D.officials

6. A.home B.position C.purpose D.results

7. A.if B.supposing C.considering order that

8. A.reach B.satisfy C.attack

9. A.known B.reported C.called D.printed

10.A.American B.British C.standard D.enough

11.A.normal C.good D.exact

12.A.invented B.discovered C.taught D.stopped B.who C.which D.that

14.A.slowly B.rapidly C.normally D.loudly

15.A.pleasure B.course C.opinion D.advice

16.A.difficult B.important C.various D.common

17.A.flies B.sends C.delivers D.pasts

18.A.all B.major C.American

19.A.broadcasts B.forms C.newspapers D.countries

20.A.broadcast B.announce C.translate D.prepare


1―5 CBDAC 6―10 CCACD

11―15 AACAC 16―20 BABAD


2.选B。由with words可以想到answer。reply后接宾语时要加to。


4.选A。前文已说了播出的是news report。





9.选C。be called “被称做…”。


11.选A。区别于后文提到的special English。







18.选B。major cities指大城市。根据常识可排除A、D,根据around the world,可排除C。