1.A year later,with the nation‘s economy ________, Bush’s approval rating dropped below 40 percent.

  A. in power

  B. in trouble

  C. in hand

  D. in part

  2.There is the appreciation of the salient historical truth ________ the aging of advanced societies has been a sudden change.

  A. which

  B. what

  C. that

  D. how

  3.Robots differ from automatic machines ________ after completion of one specific task,they can be reprogrammed by a computer to do another one.

  A. in case

  B. in that

  C. in which

  D. in time

  4.Basically,these attitudes amount to a belief ________ leisure can and should be put to good use.

  A. which

  B. that

  C. what

  D. how

  5.The professor worked for 7 hours at a ________.

  A. stretch

  B. extend

  C. expand

  D. prolong

  6.If an earthquake occurred,some of the one-storey houses ________.

  A. might be left stand

  B. might leave to be standing

  C. might be left to stand

  D. might be left standing

  7.________, he had no time to rest.

  A. As he was tired

  B. If he was tired

  C. Tired as he was

  D. Now that he was tired

  8.Since we have a focused subject, we should not talk ________.

  A. at once

  B. at hand

  C. at intervals

  D. at random

  9.Why do you blame him for his poor judgment on the matter ______ he really needs is encouragement?

  A. when that

  B. since that

  C. when what

  D. now that

  10.The doctors are ________ about the guidelines under which they can carry out euthanasia.

  A. at a stretch

  B. at a loss

  C. at random

  D. at length

  1.正确答案:B答案解析:in trouble:陷入困境。由于经济陷入困境,所以支持率下降了很多,符合句意。


  3.正确答案:B答案解析:in that意思是:在于,因为。解释differ from automatic machines的具体方面。


  5.正确答案:A答案解析:此题考查的是固定词组搭配。at a stretch一口气地。

  6.正确答案:D答案解析:be left……:被置于……的境地。它是leave sth……的被动式。standing:站立的,固定的,直立的。be left加形容词是常用的一种表达方式。


  8.正确答案:D答案解析:译文:既然我们已经有了命题,我们就不应漫无边际地交谈。此题考查对固定短语的掌握情况。at once立刻;at hand在附近,在手头,即将发生;at intervals间或,不时;at random随便,任意。

  9.正确答案:C答案解析:译文:当他真正需要鼓励时,你为什么责备他的拙劣判断。此题考查准确判断句子结构。when引导时间状语从句,what he really needs充当这个时间状语从句的主语。