11.With such a poor score in the entrance exam, it‘s ________ impossible for him to be admitted to this university.

  A. roughly

  B. absolutely

  C. fully

  D. exclusively

  12.We promise that we‘ll meet again after we _______ our college education in three years’ time.

  A. finish

  B. will finish

  C. finished

  D. will have finished

  13.Although Tom is satisfied with his academic achievement, he wonders _______ will happen to his family life.

  A. it

  B. that

  C. what

  D. this

  14.Never before _______ so rapidly developing as it is today.

  A. has our country been

  B. our country has been

  C. has been our country

  D. our country hasn‘t been

  15.Is it Shakespeare Theatre _______ you are going to watch the play The Merchant of Venice?

  A. where

  B. that

  C. which

  D. as

  16.He would have given you more help, if he ________ so busy.

  A. have not been

  B. had not been

  C. not have been

  D. not had been

  17.After months of voyage, Columbus arrived in ______ later proved to be a new continent.

  A. where

  B. which

  C. what

  D. that

  18.I was really anxious about you. You ______ home without a word.

  A. mustn‘t leave

  B. shouldn’t have left

  C. couldn‘t have left

  D. needn’t leave

  19.He was ______ to withdraw from running for the presidency.

  A. trusted

  B. credited

  C. convinced

  D. believed

  20.While _____ the book, he nodded from time to time

  A. reading

  B. read

  C. is reading

  D. is read